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Free Soundtrack Material Downloads

Free music and soundtrack downloads in the open standard Ogg Vorbis format demonstrating a Marschall Acoustics Instruments digital audio workstation and organ emulator. These tracks were excess to the requirements of a movie project. The intended movie was very dark and very violent so these tracks are appropriate to documentaries about war and environmental destruction. Likewise they would work with some 'First Person Shooter' video games and some military strategy simulation war games. Long enough to edit with enough sections to loop/stretch to fit. All works on this page are by R. A. Marschall and are licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, so copy and distribute as much as you want for personal use.  Telephone, fax, or write us if you wish to use these works for commercial use.

Creative Commons License

Death Metal – Phrenetic drums and synthesizers (5.8 MB)

Death on the Road – Audio roadkill (4.2 MB)

Sean's Car – A leading cause of roadkill (5.4 MB)

Tension – Soft, but tense as a snake (4.5 MB)

Extended Horror – Hollywood style, standard stereotype horror (7.9 MB)

Funk Filler – Stereotype late 1990's funk (3.2 MB)

Hip Hop Filler – Early hip hop (2.6 MB)

Metal Filler – Generic metal (3.9 MB)

Nightmare 1 – Soft but creepy (4.6 MB)

Poultry Geist – If frantic chickens could do metal, this would be it. (6.1 MB)

The next four works are actually the same musical data structure. Last track is a mix of the other three “stems”. A serious musical work. Deeply disturbing at many levels.

Death in the Desert – (8.5 MB)

Invite to Hell – (12.7 MB)

Speech of Satan – (8.3 MB)

Vision of Hell – (12.4 MB)

The examples on this page were produced with various versions of the MAI DAW.  For material produced on other earlier versions click here.

We routinely work with top musicians so if you need something scored or composed in Australia give us a call.