Marschall Acoustics Instruments, the source for innovative ideas and science applications.
Marschall Acoustics developed and owns fundamental patents in hydrophone design, underwater acoustics, and sonars -
  particularly in solid towed hydrophone array seismic streamer design.  Some of this technology is licensed to various
manufacturing companies.  Contact us directly if you have any questions in this regard.






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Bespoke Geophysical & Audio Domain Solutions
The Ultimate Proof of any Loudspeaker System Lies Solely in the Listening...
Experience Sonic Holography 
Listen to any Marschall Acoustics system for the first time with your eyes closed. Individual instruments are immediately recognizable.  

The silky sheen of the violins. The mellow tones of the woodwinds. The crispness of the piano and drums. The absence of harshness from the brass. Particular attention has been paid to the critical midrange vocal band - the fine musical detail and imaging is preserved.  

Vocals Sound Live! 


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