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MORE Marschall Acoustics Loudspeaker Systems

When the Compact Bookshelf System was introduced over 20 years ago, it was the loudest, most accurate loudspeaker system of its size. Since then it has had many imitators, some of which are pretty good. However, we still think ours looks the best. It is certainly among the most robust. There is still no substitute for giant voice coils and heavy high strength magnets.

The Marschall Acoustics Corner loudspeaker was also introduced over 20 years ago and is still going strong! It is a phase coherent, point source high fidelity system that maintains the correct time alignment of the signals for use as a precision studio monitor. Intended for the home studios, smaller recording studios, and modest sized control rooms, it is designed for corner placement. It is shown here on an optional stand, however the vast majority of Corner systems were flown. It continues be available in its original configuration as a modest sized- studio monitor in a variety of finishes. Custom variations now include a compact subwoofer version (the folded bass horn it creates in a room corner projects quite effectively) and in a physically larger ultra-high power version for theatres, large control rooms, and other users who demand sustained, blistering loudness all day.
Abroadmit Pty. fully licenced to produce the full range of Marschall Acoustics brand&nbsp loudspeaker system designs.  These include numerous variations and customized versions of what you see pictured here. Bi-amped, Tri-amped, and internally amplified versions are available over a range of genuinely high power ratings.  While a bit overpowering for the average living room, music professionals will appreciate their precise uncolored sound reproduction, solid construction, and relatively compact size.