Marschall Acoustics Instruments, the source for innovative ideas and science applications.
Marschall Acoustics developed and owns fundamental patents in hydrophone design, underwater acoustics, and sonars -
  particularly in solid towed hydrophone array seismic streamer design.  Some of this technology is licensed to various
manufacturing companies.  Contact us directly if you have any questions in this regard.






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About MAI

Marschall Acoustics Instruments Pty. Limited designs, manufactures, integrates, and supports an extensive range of high-technology acoustic and nonacoustic instrumentation for underwater and subsurface geophysical imaging applications for the industrial, commercial, and government sectors.

MAI's degree-qualified scientific and engineering expertise includes a wide range of disciplines encompassing acoustics, advanced signal processing, applied mathematics, electrical engineering, electromagnetics, engineering science, fluid mechanics, geology, geophysics, industrial engineering, instrumentation design, mechanical engineering, measurement systems, sensor design, software engineering, sound and audio systems engineering, and systems integration, as well as sound and vibration control. Every member of our staff has international "hands on" field experience.

Our team of engineering professionals specialize in solving tough problems and work together with our customers to design solutions that effectively improve operational results.

Marine Systems


Using our underwater imaging systems, we provide commercial and government customers with cost-effective systems to locate offshore and transition zone energy resources, study marine mammal (whales and dolphins) activities and ocean-dwelling fish movements, , harvest fish for large-scale aquaculture, and conduct geotechnical surveys in littoral waters.

We are licensed (licenced) manufacturers of the patented all solid Trout towed hydrophone seismic streamer arrays and also authorized agents for complimentary sonar products, including professional hydrographic survey equipment. Our innovative transducers for marine engineering and scientific measurement incorporate the latest modern physics, material sciences, and systems engineering.

Land Systems

Our turnkey subsurface imaging services are useful for production planning in mining operations and investigation of many difficult-to-image subsurface targets for improved mine safety.

Advanced geophysical sensors, data acquisition systems, and subsurface detection systems, such as the revolutionary Solid State Geophone and the unique TriAnalyzer Metal Detector/Classifier, comprise only part of our product range. We are also authorized agents for a wide range compact portable seismic sources and ultrasonic downhole tools.

Technical Consulting Services

Technical consulting services are offered by highly experienced science professionals in sonar systems, towed hydrophone arrays, geoacoustic coastal surveillance systems, geophysical imaging survey planning, signal processing, hydrodynamics, fluid mechanics, and computational acoustics, as well as electronic and mechanical systems modelling for both land and sea requirements.

Our engineering staff can also perform or assist with requirements analysis, design assessment, systems integration, and test evaluation. We have considerable experience in intellectual property development and protection, as well as the setting up of manufacturing facilities for low cost and high quality production.

We have staff experienced in online media distribution. See for example our customer sites such as Fine Venue Music and Low Cost Restaurant Music.

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